Reverse Cycle Ducted Heating And Cooling

At Beyond Heating and Cooling, our team deliver heating system as well as cooling Melbourne residents really love. No job is as well big or small for our company. Our job ranges from mounting a tiny split-system system to a full central heater. Our specialty, nonetheless, is actually ducted as well as reverse home heating and also cooling devices; as they are flexible and also produce convenience for your house throughout the year. Due to our adaptability in systems, we manage to aid our clients to find the correct option around their finances.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of ducted and split system air conditioners?

1. Ducted air conditioners provide cooling throughout the entire home, while split system units are ideal for individual rooms or areas.

2. Split system air conditioners can be positioned discreetly and produce less noise than ducted systems.

3. Ducted air conditioners are better suited to larger homes, with more complex climate control requirements, while split system units are simpler and easier to install.

4. The indoor unit of a ducted air conditioner is mounted in a concealed location within the ceiling space, while all components of the split system unit are installed inside the room or area being cooled.

5. Ducted systems have zoning capabilities that allow you to select which areas of the home require cooling at any given time, while split system units usually only have one setting for controlling temperatures across the entire space.

6. Ducted air conditioning systems typically require higher initial installation costs than split systems but offer greater flexibility for longer-term use and future expansion if needed.

What are the pros and cons of split system air conditioning?


-Energy efficient - split system ACs are more efficient than centrally-controlled systems, resulting in lower utility bills.

-Clean air - newer split systems have filters that help clean and purify the air that enters your home.

- Quiet operation - because of their design, these ACs run much quieter than window-mounted or wall-mounted models.


-Costly installation - split system ACs can be pricey to install, depending on their size and complexity.

-Difficult to maintain - due to their location, maintenance can be a challenge for homeowners who need to access ductwork or condensers that may be placed in hard to reach places.

-Space limitations - larger units must be located outside the home, so if you are limited by space then this might not be an option for you.

What to consider before deciding on the best air conditioning system for your home?

1. The average cost to have a split-system and ducted air conditioning system installed is about $4,000.

2. This includes the cost of the system itself, labor fees for installation, and other necessary materials.

3. A basic split-system air conditioner can range from $2,000 to $4,500 including installation costs.

4. Ducted systems can range from $5,000 to $13,500 depending on size and complexity of installation.

5. Labour costs for installation of an AC system typically range from $65 to $100 per hour plus any applicable taxes or additional accessories if required.


  • In Brisbane, a 2.5kW split system will consume an average of 511kWh in energy when used for cooling, which equates to annual running costs of about $110. (
  • Generally speaking, a split system is operated by remote control, putting you 100% in charge of the temperature of the zone or room in which the unit is installed. (
  • It is estimated that every degree of temperature that your air conditioner has to cool, its running costs increase by up to 15%. (

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